About Us

Colorado Gun Restorations

Our shop is located in Denver, Colorado. My name is CJ, I am a career pilot that took on gun restoration including bluing and vintage gun repair many years ago. My travels as a pilot have included living in 6 countries and operating aircraft worldwide . As I find myself winding down my flying career, I have more time to commit to my love of gun restorations. Over the years my shop has added a custom Dulite bluing 5 tank setup, large media blaster, a personally rebuilt Series I Bridgeport mill, K.O. Surface grinder for precision receiver work, a Terrco wood duplicator for custom stock making, a kiln and custom quench tank, a Titan power checkering hand tool and about a 1,000 other made or bought specialize tools for making and restoring guns. The key is balancing the level of restoration that can be attained with the budget of the gun owner and that is what I help people do. Please reach out to inquire about any restoration services for your pistol or rifle.

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