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Check out these gun shops, gun ranges, etc. for all your firearm and shooting needs.

Gun Shops

Bison Tactical – Boulder CO


Bison Tactical is a site dedicated to Firearms, Guns and Shooting enthusiasts primarily focused on tactical accessory reviews and the selling of shooting items. Bison Tactical sells and develops products for competitors in tactical field shooting matches. We know our stuff when it comes to gear because we use the same gear we sell. We encourage setting up an appointment to meet if you would like to stop by and visit. We have our FFL and SOT so can handle NFA as well as conventional firearm transfers.

Gun Sport – Boulder CO


We work to earn your trust every day, and we offer a wide selection of new and used guns from all the top brands like Glock, Remington, Browning, Winchester, Colt, Springfield, H&K, Steyr and so many more. You can buy guns, sell guns on consignment, and in some cases trade in your firearm. We are also a Class 3 FFL Dealer, so if you are looking for a Suppressor or SBR let us know! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us anytime at 303.938.1396. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to see you in the store soon! 

Firearms Training

Level Up Firearms – Fort Collins CO


Looking for a basic handgun course, concealed carry course, or some private firearm instruction? How about an instructor that’s willing to come to you and instruct at your residence or preferred range? Well, you’ve found the best instruction and customer service with Level Up Firearms. Check out Joe and his team at the website above.

Firearms can be had for many reasons, such as hunting, collecting, recreational, competition, self defense etc. My hope is to help people whether a beginner learning the basics or a proficient shooter wanting to get their Concealed Carry Permit to be able to do so safely and effectively. I am a forever learner. And I hope you will be too!

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