LC Smith Shotgun Restoration Project

Hello, my name is CJ with Colorado Gun Restorations

I put together a short video when I was

putting this LC Smith Shotgun back together

This is a gun that I just restored for a


We put some custom wood on it, case colored

It, and rust blued it

We cut the gun barrel down to 20 inches

to make it a little bit more like a

stagecoach and we did a little bit of fancy wood

work on it. Things like that.  

It’s hard to see but we also engraved the

hammer screws there

So when you take an LC Smith firearm apart

you’re going to realize really quick

that you may have made a mistake

if you’re planning on putting it back

together yourself so I did a couple of

short videos showing you the inside as I

put it back together but I wanted to

introduce it so that you understand where the problem

lies when you’re disassembling your LC

Smith and be prepared when you’re getting

ready to put it back together now

I had to build this jig there’s another

video online that where a gentleman shows this jig I

got the idea from him and it works

super so I wanted to kind of reiterate

this and how it works and

I think my video I took a picture from

the side so you can see a little bit

better what is going on and why you need a jig

to get it back together

so hopefully this will help someone when

they pull it apart, so you got some

screws on the bottom here

and you’re going to take these two

screws out be careful they strip pretty

easy in the wood

you’ll unscrew and once you get

this trigger cover off you’ve got two

more screws right here

one two and this one’s easy comes right

out that one as soon as you do that

you’re going to release a spring

the spring that holds the tension on

this top lever and it’s a ferocious

spring and as soon as you do that you’ll never

be able to get it back together

without destroying your gun or

scratching something without

this jig which you’ll see in the

when I splice together the other parts

of the video that will basically

this will go inside the gun because you

have to have the wood and the receiver

together to put this bottom plate back together

and this screw aligns with the top lever and in the middle that

you’ll see that big spring is going to

hold that tension so you’ll have to actually because the

the spring pushes and it’s not aligned you’ll have to

screw this in in a vise as you’ll see later and line it back up

and then you can drop that screw into

this screw and then up before I let the tension off

I typically go ahead and screw this back

On and put the back screws in that way boom

you’re just good to go

while you’re doing that and the reason

you got to put a device this way so you

have access underneath because you’ll have to pull

this out of the way and put that screw

that goes through and that threads into the same hole or

I’m sorry into this hole but up in the wood so once you take it

apart you’ll realize you may have made a

mistake and if you need to get your gun back together

I tell you later in the video how you

can get a hold of us but Colorado gun

restorations I’ll make you one, send you

one if you need one, or just look at the video

You can make it yourself. It’s pretty easy.

I’m doing a restoration now, so I actually built this

piece right here, drilled a hole and put it off to the side covered it with

leather so it won’t affect or scratch the gun and then it pushes on

this ferocious spring right here to line it up

so I’m gonna put it back together and

then I’ll show you really quick what it

looks like afterwards while it’s together and then

back off the spring off

I haven’t found any other way to be able to do all this

make it work in unison because you’ll see later that

the wood is on both sides here so you

can’t put the bottom tang on first

and slide it over the wood that the

bottom tank must go inside the wood

while going on the bottom of the receiver

just so you can see now how that’s being

pushed in so as I screw this screw in

it’s pushing against that spring and lining

this this hole up with the tang

and that’s what’s putting all that

pressure on your top lever there all right let me get it back together

okay really quick before i put this LC Smith back together i just wanted to

show you all the bolts and it’s a bit of a tricky

gun to get back together but if you

build a jig it makes it really easy

so you’ve got this screw that goes

through to the top lever and that’s where this

this spring is being placed back in

alignment you’ve got a front receiver screw and

then you’ve got two screws in the back

these you have to be careful with they

tend to script strip really easy

on the LC Smiths it’s a weird screw it

might be better to replace them with a screw

that has a little bit more bite

and then you’ve got this top screw

that’s buried underneath here so when

you put the wood back together

you’ve got to work this screw in while

holding this with this tension

and then work these two screws down

together so that it kind of sandwiches

the gun together and that’s what brings

it nicely together and then you can see on

this side where sorry

it is on this side right here I had to

drill a little bit of a notch out and

that’s where I pressed

this bolt that I turned the end of a little bit and I

got this idea from someone online they

have there’s another video online

that a guy has it is a great idea so I

just thought I would reiterate

his idea um this bolt goes through

pushes it and that bolt pushes right

through that hole and aligns it so that you can do it

while you’re putting things together in different in

different uh ways you can you have

access to the bottom you have access to the top

so I just want to show you that real

quick before I go ahead and put the side levers back together and tune

the gun so that it’s ready to go

I hope you enjoyed the video

If you find yourself working on an LC Smith and you

need this, just message me through our website at

and I’ll build you one if you want

I’ll probably keep this one but

or I can send it to you can borrow this one

Alright thanks for watching

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