Carbonia Bluing; also known as Machine Bluing

Carbonia bluing or machine bluing is one of the most beautiful finished I’ve ever seen on a gun.  Found on many if not most guns made in the early 1900’s, it is one of the lost arts of the 20th century.  Not many gunsmiths offer this service as there is not specific written formula thatContinue reading “Carbonia Bluing; also known as Machine Bluing”

Firearm Case Hardening

Deciding what and how to restore your prized firearm can sometimes be overwhelming.  There are a lot of options and levels of restoration.  Often there’s no wrong answer, just what’s right for you and your situation.  Case hardening of metal components is often a topic in these restoration conversations.  This is especially true for olderContinue reading “Firearm Case Hardening”

LC Smith Shotgun Restoration Project

Hello, my name is CJ with Colorado Gun Restorations I put together a short video when I was putting this LC Smith Shotgun back together This is a gun that I just restored for a customer We put some custom wood on it, case colored It, and rust blued it We cut the gun barrelContinue reading “LC Smith Shotgun Restoration Project”

Remington Model 12 Restoration Project

Gun Bluing, Case Hardening, Wood Restoration Hello, my name is CJ and I’m with Colorado gun restorations. I thought we would do a video on one of the guns we’re storing which is a Remington model 12. that’d be fun to see the process for people that don’t know what’s involved with restoring a gunContinue reading “Remington Model 12 Restoration Project”

Gun Bluing “Behind-the-Scenes” Video

Video Transcript Today for those of you that don’t understand the process of building hopefully afterwards you’ll understand how guns are glued this is a traditional salt bluing this is a custom Dulite bluing set up so we’ve got a cleaner that we heat and then we have two gluing tanks the reason we haveContinue reading “Gun Bluing “Behind-the-Scenes” Video”

Winchester 94 Restoration

There’s still as much excitement today around the Winchester 94 as there was in 1894 when Oliver Winchester and John Browning introduced the gun. After 120 years of production, this model has arguably taken more whitetail trophies than any other firearm. The longevity and sturdy build of these guns makes them perfect as heirlooms toContinue reading “Winchester 94 Restoration”

LC Smith Shotgun Restoration

Work in progress for an L.C. Smith shotgun. This gun is going to look great when fully restored! L.C. Smith got his start in gun making around 1877 in Syracuse, N.Y. Interestingly, he was know for the ‘Baker Three-Barrel’ which combined two shotgun barrels with a rifle barrel to ready the hunter for any situation.Continue reading “LC Smith Shotgun Restoration”