Firearm Case Hardening

Deciding what and how to restore your prized firearm can sometimes be overwhelming.  There are a lot of options and levels of restoration.  Often there’s no wrong answer, just what’s right for you and your situation.  Case hardening of metal components is often a topic in these restoration conversations.  This is especially true for older firearms with original case hardening or softer metal components. 

What is case hardening?

Case hardening is a process of metal treatment that hardens the surface of a metal component while keeping the underlying metal layer soft.  It is a heat-treating method that’s been used for centuries. Think of it as a layer of protective armor for the component.  Hardening only the surface of a metal part is key to keeping the part ductile.  Parts that are through-hardened often are very brittle.  Brittle parts usually don’t work well in firearms.

How you restore or refinish a firearm is a personal decision.  We have in-depth conversations with customers all the time about different options and levels of restoration. 

No matter your plans, consider the case-hardening possibilities to enhance the aesthetic look of your metal components while providing some protection to the surface of the metal.

Have more questions about case hardening firearms and gun parts?  Give us a call at (303) 800-4564 or send an email to

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